THE FLOOR SHOW brings together the best of L.A.’s musicians and dancers in a captivating display of original live music and jaw-dropping dance performances in a one-of-a-kind immersive experience for all ages.

Progressing seamlessly from genre to genre, THE FLOOR SHOW features artists performing together in a diverse presentation of styles – A mariachi-influenced trio may accompany a lively Lindy Hop; a glorious tenor may offer the song for pop and lock freestyle; an Indian ballad may accompany a passionate tango. The El Rey Theatre will be transformed into a space that does not traditionally separate artist from audience. The stage will be located in the middle of the theater, offering 360 degree seating with two satellite stages on each side, with the band on the stage.

Founded by dancers Carolina Cerisola and Sascha Escandon, THE FLOOR SHOW is a true labor of love, and a homegrown testament to the passionate and talented artists that comprise L.A.’s dance and music communities.

“I remember seeing The Floor Show in it’s first year and being blown away by the energy from both the performers and audience – every subsequent show being better than the last. You engage with a diverse representation of artistry that feels like a cross-pollination of musical and dance styles from all over the world, presented in such a manner that embodies a new form of entertainment in its own class – equally provoking as it is pleasing. This is more than cabaret…” says Hans Schafer – Director, Latin Talent – Goldenvoice

“One of our main elements in this production is to immerse our audience into THE FLOOR SHOW, not only to experience the collaboration of all these styles, genres and cultures in one place, but also to feel the passion, sweat and conversations coming from every direction, offering more of an engaging experience rather than a showcase”, says producer Sascha Escandon.

Carolina Cerisola, Producer, also adds, “The audience energy is an important ingredient in our show and for our artists. It creates a conduit for a give and take relationship between artists and audiences, instead of the separation that a classic stage show creates. We’re both very excited to work with Goldenvoice and bring THE FLOOR SHOW to the El Rey Theatre.”

2015 marks the seventh year for THE FLOOR SHOW, previously presented at King King in Hollywood.